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Pregnancy can really take a toll on your body, at least it did on mine. There are so many changes that occur. The human body is incredable and still blows my mind with how it changes to adapt having a baby. Thankfully I was guided to the director of RPM Physiotherapy, Melanie Sutherland, whom had all the insights and tips I needed to cope with the strenuous physical changes I was experiencing. Massage therapy is a game changer while pregnant and here are the 3 top reasons why:

1. Decrease muscle tension in your adductors (aka inner thigh)

As pregnancy advances women start to walk with their feet turned out. This position puts the muscles on the inside of the thigh under an eccentric load (big stretch) with every step and cause tightness and trigger points. Problems with the adductors can lead to pain in the groin, hip, and/or back. In addition, healthy adductors are needed to help maintain good pelvic stability!

2. Minimize the risk of sciatica-like symptoms

Similar to above, because of toe-out walking, the pesky piriformis muscle (a small muscle in the buttocks region) gets overworked and overused. When this muscle becomes tight it can compress the sciatic nerve creating sharp pain in the buttocks region that can also radiate down the leg.  Maintaining healthy tension in the piriformis muscle is another great reason to visit a registered massage therapist during pregnancy!

3. General stress and tension relief

Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on a variety of muscles you may never have even felt before, not to mention that it can be scary and stressful at times! A good session with a massage therapist can help relieve general muscle stiffness and tension that develops from worrying about all things baby.

Thank you again to Melanie Sutherland at RPM Physiotherapy for the incredible collaboration. Your clinic has made a big impact in my life.

Check out RPM for your prenatal and postpartum needs.






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