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If you have a 9-5 job (yay!) than you know how every work day morning can feel like you’re under the gun to get your toddler ready and to daycare in time for you to make it to work by 9. 

This can sometimes be no easy task. It’s important that you set both you and you’re toddler up powerfully for the mornings. 

They key is to try and keep your cool; do your best not to get worked up. Let your toddler feel like he has some choices.

Here are 5 things to do to make your morning routine easier: 

1. Plan out your breakfast meals:

Anna has made a list of 4 breakfast go to's that I can prepare for the family. I like to mix the meals up and my selection is sometimes based upon which groceries we have in the house. I’d recommend switching your list up every 3 or 4 weeks to introduce new foods into your toddlers world. I made the mistake of not doing that

and Oliver is addicted to strawberries, blueberries, and Cheerios. 

2. Have your shower in the evening:

I like having a shower in the morning but if I have it in the evening it saves me 10min. That can make the difference between late or not!

3. Accept that all mornings may not be smooth, and that’s okay:

Your toddler may be cranky or just not feeling the morning vibe. Don't focus on what’s going wrong but instead accept the moments is as it is and work with your little one to help hem through his morning.  Your child’s feelings are more important then being a few minutes late. 

4. Pack your bag the night before:

It’s sucks running around in the morning asking your wife, “have you seen my glasses? Where’s my charger?” To avoid this, pack your bag the night before. Or at least try to have everything in a specific area so it’s easy to put into your bag. 

5. Buy food for your office:

Most offices have a fridge. I’ve tried buying bread, peanut butter and fruit to keep at the office in case I don’t have time to pack a lunch or make breakfast for myself. It is a much more cost effective option to buying a meal and it saves you time if you are running behind. (you can check out post out here)

None of the above ideas are new, it’s about actually applying them. Start with one or two and see the impact it makes. 

Please let share what works for you as we are always looking for ways to reduce stress and save time! 




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