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It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! If your anything like me, you will find a way to go into Sephora,  as if your going to buy someone something for Christmas and walk out with A LOT for yourself. I can't help it...ahhh make up crack! I know I'm bad...but i like it ;)

December is a good month@sephoracanada as it keeps on giving with amazing holiday sample sizes. I am obsessed with this @originscanada sample pack. Now I know how good my skin looks after the treatments. I will for sure be back for the larger sizes. The @twofacedcosmetics cocoa contour pallet is very pretty and it smells like chocolate cupcakes. The @caudalie is a personal favorite for setting my make up and just freshens it all up and last but certainly NOT least..the @twofacedcosmeticsmelted matte liquid lipstick. If you havn't tried these yet, you are crazy. They are a game changer and will not disappoint . Get them in "Cool girl" and "Queen b" and you won't regret! Head over to @sephora to get a Christmas present for a friend and something for yourself ! #sephora #makeup #makeuphaul #influencer #blogger #twofacedcosmetics #meltedmatte #meltedmattelipstick #settingspray #caudalieparis #caudaliesettingspray #originsskincare #skincare #skinmask #sephorahaul #decemberhaul #mommyblogger


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