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Anna Sinclair 

Anna Sinclair is an award-winning entrepreneur, early-stage investor, agency owner and founder and CEO of the media brand Total Mom Inc. The network for moms has a 17M + reach across Canada & the US and a growing network of  20k+ moms making it recognized as one of the fastest growing online business communities of moms by Forbes. Advancing professionally as an entrepreneur after having children made the uphill journey remarkably harder. This inspired her to grow a global online community with a mission to personally & professionally support women to live a life they love while building successful businesses. 

It takes a solid team to run 2 businesses, an organization and an agency. Our small but mighty team is responsible for a robust list of duties to operate them all and are always growing the brand and companies.




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Anna Sinclair has built a brand that empowers people to create a life they love, no matter what obstacle they encounter.

Anna is a former signed pop artist, actress, casting director and creative producer who is now an active serial entrepreneur, community builder, investor, agency owner and is the founder and CEO of Media brand Total Mom Inc. Anna is featured in various publications including Forbes and was inducted into the Top 100 Most Powerful Women In Canada.


The Total Mom Business Community has an annual reach of 17M + in Canada & the US and supports ambitious working moms through a community of 20k+ moms across channels and lists making it known as one of the fastest growing online business communities of mom entrepreneurs.

TOTAL MOM INC | personally & professionally support women to live a life they love while building successful businesses. The organization features digital summits, Holistic festivals, a professional Entrepreneurship membership network, an eCommerce shop( M Shop) as well as an annual initiative called The Total Mom Pitch & Business Summit.

Anna is a self-made success story -2 time immigrant & refugee, Anna was the first female in her family to go to College & University. Now specializing in entrepreneurship, strategic sales and partnerships & brand consultation, Anna's focus is on the future of technology, community growth and impact.

SCA | Sinclair Creative Agency |Full-service firm Sinclair Creative Agency Inc. supports consumer lifestyle brands,  celebrity clients and founders of all sizes through private consultation, brand strategy and asset development. Anna has worked as a union casting director, union actress, and signed singer-songwriter, and alongside celebrity artists and their teams.

Anna's 16 years of entertainment, music industry and event production experience allows her to jump-start any project and consultant organizations often supporting in sales, partnerships, celebrity programming, special events and program development. Anna is building community networks and transformative projects in the Crypto & NFT space and is helping startups connect to developers, investors, and sponsors. Anna founded Global Women In Crypto to help women build their wealth and make a difference


"Between performing in front of 30,000 people in a stadium prior to artists such as Selena Gomez & Jonas Brothers, to being featured on VEVO next to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift & Lady Gaga, I have experienced the work that goes into growing a successful brand. Eventually, I had to learn how to grow a successful business in the backend. The point is, is it doesn't stop at a good idea or business plan. It takes really solid mentorship and consulting at every stage to grow and scale a solid brand. I attribute my success to leaning into mentors and getting outside of my own direction to put a new lens on the strategy. My entertainment career taught me that no matter the limitations and hurdles, there is ALWAYS a way. You need to believe in your brand and trust that you will make it happen. Once you beleive, all you need is some solid guidance. I love helping my clients see what's possible with their brands, projects and careers. I help founders adapt and scale with confidence."

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