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My fiance Brandon is currently embarking on what I think will be the next wave of healing technology . I will save that for another post but I will tell you that over the last few years, him and I have traveled to Mexico, Arizona, Belize and pretty much every major city in California to try anything NEW & exciting in health, wellness and healing. I watch him interact with leading edge scientists, doctors, writers, therapists and global industry leaders.  He  thrive as he lives into his passion project. Brandon has had me try anything from molecular restructured water to electrical pulse therapy, and now vibrational plates and low light laser therapy. 

He always brings me along on his endeavours and I get the greatest pleasure of all watching him talk with colleagues in different specialities in the field of science & health. I listen with great pride. He simply is the most genius man I have ever met. I trust everything he says. Brandon sort of reminds me of a sponge. He can watch a bit of a documentary or read a new book and regurgitate the information as if this was his specialty. I noticed a few years back as he became more and more involved in the science and space conferences , that his knowledge on the world around and how it worked was second nature to him.

His new friends, whom are now some of the most influential doctors, aerospace engineers, health specialist, scientists and inventors have opened up his eyes to the technologies of the future. Last year, we flew to Seattle where I got to watch him receive an award from the Institute of Venture Science as the youngest contributor to venture science. I was surrounded by 20 of the most influential people in medical and scientific advancements. I sat and had lunch with Nobel Prize Laureates and discussed some of the most important issues facing humanity today. I watched my self taught fiancee dance around topics as if he spent the last 28 years of his life working for Nasa, MIT or GE Aerospace He can hold a conversation with any of the big shots yet cannot cut cheese for crackers if his life depended on it. 

Some of the trips we went on , I cannot even tell you what we did as it was THAT confidential . I do know though that what he is working on now can and how will change the way we look at health care & treatment. We found ourselves in homes being treated with all kinds of therapies and being told many secrets. I think that we were so open to traveling and meeting new friends and seeing what was out there, we have gravitated towards some super powerful people.  We would take hikes in Mexico with new friends discussing pyramids, our dreams of living in self sustained bio architecture homes that heal the individuals living inside. We dream of aquaponic gardens in every single household. We talk about herbs and natural things our body loves as a source of feeding our brains and the bodies we love.

Anyways, along this journey we learned about the power of vibration and light. We also learned about the electric universe and magnetic fields. I can’t even go into that whole subject because I could go on forever, but I will tell you that light therapy ( sub infrared class 3B laser ) has done some insane healing for us. I have increased the amount of stem cells in my body and worked on some trigger points in my neck and shoulder and my lower spine. My car accident pain in my right shoulder...gone. The other form of treatment that has helped me is a large vibration plate machine that vibrates to a specific frequency based upon my body mass index . This has helped me stretch, move and heal much better; especially after having a baby. I also jumped into a 30 min infrared sauna session for a little detox. My fiancé has it right. A happy wife, a happy life. feeling healthy and taking that time for yourself , wether it be yoga, Reiki, or a new technological device,  is so important for everyone to feel sane and balanced. 

Today we took my mom along to have that combination of treatments. She started on a acoustic vibration bed listening to some brain wave binaural beats. She followed that treatment up with a 30 minute session on the vibration machine. She experienced measurable vital improvements that left us in tears. She has type 2 diabetes that she has been proactively managing with diet and exercise. Her Her sugar levels have recently been dangerously high, averaging about 10.5. This morning her reading was a 9.3 and after measuring immediately after treatment she posted an unbelievable 6.3!  She hadn't experienced a reading like this for a year and a half. This reading would not even be considered diabetic.  To double check the accuracy, she even measured again after a quick meal and the reading was 6.4.  A true breakthrough treatment! I loved bringing my mom along today as she has heard all about our cool project and got to first hand experience the regenerative capabilities of these amazing technologies. 

I cannot wait to see where things go in the future with health and wellness but I know Brandon is on the edge of something new and exciting that will change the way a lot of people manage their pain , disease,  and overall general health. All I know is as a new mom, it gets hard to manage your health,  so today was a real treat. If you get anything from my post today, I hope that its to remember that there is alternative treatments out there aside from prescription drugs and if you just explore your options and have an open mind, you will experience some incredible results. Remember that these "alternative" treatments won't be so alternative very soon as they are drastically redefining what is possible in our health system. 

Happy healing everyone!


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