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Updated: Apr 5, 2018

I can’t leave the house without wearing a watch. I feel naked and unbalanced.  A few years ago I was into huge flashy looking watches but lately, I have really started to like timepieces that are classy and ageless. Timepieces that say more than just, “I have a big ego, look at me.”

I have worn my Dover Series: Ebony & Copper Jord watch every day since getting it. Keep reading for special giveaway details. I love nature and natural materials. What I love most about my watch is that it is made from rich ebony wood and copper. I feel grounded yet very stylish when wearing it. The copper face really pops against the dark wood.  The blue hands give it distinguished flare.

Science Geek Alert:

Copper has extremely powerful magnetic and electrical properties that positively influences our bodies natural systems.

I also love how the center is open and you can see the watch internals. I have never appreciated how amazing and complicated watches are until I saw the core of my Jord. 

Did I mention I never have to replace the battery? The watch has a perpetual motion power system that powers the watch with every movement you take.

How I best describe my watch,

Classy, yet ballin'

-Brandon S


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