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Ok so, a new year calls for a new skin care routine (I promise I will be making a skin care routine Youtube video once I get my new lighting and gear set up). I read somewhere that it's not good to use multiple skin care lines at once. I was also told by my facial reflexologist to not overstimulate my face. The smaller the ingredient list,  the better. I can’t help it though…I live for skin care products, and  I went a little buck wild at Sephora. I had to. I mean, all I asked for Christmas this year were gift cards to Sephora,  so I had the extra cash to make some amazing purchases.

Let's just get straight to it!!!

Over the holidays, I had a chance to try a sample pack of the Origins skin care line. I think I showed you guys that pack in my last haul HERE. OMG you guys, it was so fricken good and it’s not even funny. The night time mask was basically a mask from heaven, and don’t even get me started on the microdermabrasion. AHHHHH !! Basically, your skin looks and feels like a baby’s butt after you use it. It is wonderful unicorn tear heaven. Obviously, the sample sizes ran out. I tried hard to use the smallest amounts, but I ran out and so I went and picked up the full sizes. They are around $40-$50 bucks (I know) BUT you will really benefit from them. My sister in law is a make-up artist and she even complimented on my face,  and it takes a lot to impress her (in a good way). 

Anyways, those two are gems. I like the serum and charcoal activated mask,  but I wanted to get some other items so I’ll pick those up another time. I was on a mission to pick up this one product with 75% hyleronic acid BUT they were all sold out so I got the next best thing. It’s called Dr.Dennis Gross clinical concentrate hydration booster. This guy is money. I basically add a couple drops to my moisturizer and/or a drop with my foundation. You seriously would not believe how amazing these ingredients are. The guy is a chemist and dermatologist and does research on skin cancer,  so he makes some good stuff. I love it and the bottle is very pretty.

I also got a sample of Dr. Jart water hydration gel and it’s liquid silk. I’m not sure if my skin is drying out from needing more or expecting more or if it’s not enough for my face but I will keep you posted.

As for makeup, I’ve been wanting to pick up a BECCA highlighter. I am super happy I did. It is very nice on the tip of my noise and cheek bones. I find with highlighters, they are super translucent and this one is a show stopper. The best highlight I have used so far. I also picked up a small travel sized BENEFIT blush . I find blush disappears rather quickly and is the first item of makeup that needs retouching through out the day. I have the HULLA bronzer and I live for that one. I find the BENEFIT bronzer and blushes last a very long time. Like a year or more.  

Anyways, I am so happy with this haul and seriously recommend the origins products first, then DR. Dennis gross drops,  and of course the BECCA highlighter. Thanks for reading and enjoy! If you want to get any of these products, just click the picture of which one you want and it will direct you straight to the Sephora store.

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