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Where to begin? I had a friend reach out to me a while back about sending me over a makeup brand she works for to try. At first, I wasn't sure how good it was going to be, but I love makeup so I agreed to try it out.  I am now in mad love with Younique products. Although they only consist of 10% of my ridiculous Makeup collection, the items I do have are pure GOLD. The most important thing about the makeup is the QUALITY. I mean seriously...I was actually thrown back by the quality of makeup. It's up there. We are not talking drug store quality here, this should be at a local Sephora.


The Foundation, which I don't have in these pics because I used it and they are always out of stock.It feels like liquid silk heaven on your face. It feels sort of like a mix between Giorgio Armani mixed with YSL touche eclat. It's pretty much liquid silk and you can build the coverage. I thought it was very silky, it smells amazing and its natural and just melts on and blends like a charm.

I did get to try the BB CREAM which my friend Amanda told me was a newer product and it was also lovely. It's cool because it has this sort of moisture glow type of thing going on. It's more on the foundation sides, where as some BB cremes can be a bit more on the moisturiser side and fade/streak through out the day or during blending.

Now, the Mood Struck Addiction EYESHADOWS fricken rule. The pallets are amazing. I'm not going to lie. They literally come with bold to shimmer options in the same pallet which is nice. It is very similar to the NAKED pallet as well as the HUDA pallet. The consistency of the eyeshadow is fairly similar to like the clay-ish eyeshadows form Tarte. They are smooth, soft, they blend well and don't dust off easily. They are long lasting, the texture is rich and the colour palette selections are very satisfying. I basically don't get left with one square of shadow that I don't want to use.

The Splurge MINERAL POWDER isn't too bad. I haven't really got huge into mineral powder as I have to really have the right colours that I love and so far I have only tried a few and they sort of wash out my face. I need to try some contrasting colours. The mineral powder itself is very nice and is great with a eyeshadow base primer for sure. I used a little bit on the inner crease of my eyes for a pop in white/pearl type of colour and it was nice. Not sure how long it lasted but It was nice.

The Pinkish LUCRATIVE LIP GLOSS is amazing, hands down. It's smooth, my hair doesn't get stuck to it, the colour is gorgeous on natural lips and over a light lipstick. It has a small mirror attached to it for application and its small enough to put into your jeans or clutch. It's a favourite of mine and I highly recommend that! I should also add that the stiff upper lip (LIP TINTS) are awesome. No smudging colour...just a bee stung lip.

What else...OH if you are into brows, its no Anastasia brow gel/creme however they have really beautiful pencils if your into drawing and the little brow gel brush is so natural and nice to fluff out and add a filler to your bushy goods. I like it a lot and especially on those more beautiful natural brow moments.

Last but not least the beach front body bronzer is a secret weapon man! It goes on like a mouse-like type of fluffy, creamy, bronzy, sparkly non streak cream. No streaks. Its a really nice touch of colour without the colour. Its basically like a tinted creme that doesn't go on like a self tanner. It's a must have and is perfect to smooth onto skin when your going to show some skin. I put it onto my shoulders legs, chest and thighs for a nice glow.

I get all of my YOUNIQUE orders from my friend Amanda. Shout to Amanda for being such a kind and sweet person. This post is sponsored by here. She has been a distributor for quite some time now, and is always giving away some amazing deals. You can check out what is available HERE

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another make up blog next time<3 XOXO Anna


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