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Hey mamas, 

So as you may know, I had my first baby last about a year ago and it was the biggest blessing of life. The new poochy pooch wasn't though. No seriously, I thought because I was already skinny I was some how skipping that train to flappy belly. Nope. In fact , I am still shocked at how I didn't bounce back AT ALL in the stomach department. I didn't get any stretch marks or anything but my stomach is just so lose. I have been super upset about it and was looking into different things online and came across this video that may help you if you are thinking about getting your stomach back. It's pretty much physiotherapy for your pelvis which should be nice and strong before you go doing those "fat blasting" videos on Youtube and wonder why you are not getting the results you would like. Focus on getting a strong core first and then work on sculpting. I know you will like this and it's super easy to do on the floor in the morning. Good luck and please do share any good tummy work outs for post baby mama's like me in the comments below! By for now ! 

xoxo Anna


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