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These Self-Care Ideas Are the Perfect Holiday Gift for a New Mother

Article by Kristin Louis,

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

Do you know what the wellness mama in your life wants this holiday season? It’s not more clothing to stuff her baby’s already-full closet, exercise equipment to get her pre-baby body back, or even those lactation cookies everyone is raving about. No, what a mother really wants in this new season of life is something that helps her feel like herself — whatever that means during this crazy time! If you want to give a new mother a gift she’ll really appreciate, you can’t go wrong with one of these self-care gift ideas.

Creature Comforts

Around-the-House Helpers

Partner-to-Partner Gifting

Other Gifts

Between diaper changes, feeding sessions, and the endless stream of dishes and laundry, looking after a little one doesn’t leave much time for self-care. However, that just makes the moments a new mother can steal all the more precious! Whether you opt for budget-friendly favors or splurge on gifts that let a new mama pamper herself, the new mother in your life will adore holiday gifts that remind her that she needs TLC too.

Article by Kristin Louis,


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