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BOHO Inspired Home Decor

My boho inspired home decor project | BOHO DREAMS TRANSFORMATION

BOHO DREAMS | Boho Home Decor Inspiration ( extended version- shorter room-specific versions coming soon).



Have you ever wanted to turn your home into a boho dream? Well, I did, and this is what happened!

My name is Anna Sinclair, I am an award-winning entrepreneur and mother of two who recently moved to Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada. I am the Founder & CEO of Total Mom Inc, an online media brand and powerful platform for mom entrepreneurs.

Last year I was inducted as the TOP 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, and I am currently consulting founders and entrepreneurs and sit on the Forbes business council. I have been working with brands for over a decade and recently had the opportunity to move to Blue Mountain for a year and wanted to create a boho-inspired home. Working from home means that I need my house to inspire me and keep me calm and in my zone.

It can be challenging to move with small children. If you are a mom who has toddlers, I know that you know! I hired Josh and Noah Rowland from Rowland Brothers Moving to help us carry everything and transport us from Collingwood to Blue. It sure helps when you have two strong guys that move quickly, get things done then sit and have lunch with you :) They move people all across the country, so reach out for any moving and transporting needs for yourself or your business. Make sure to check them out!

I had the honour of bringing Canadian businesses together to create a boho-inspired home editorial to inspire my audience and potential home lovers. I hope you enjoy the tour, and please support these incredible companies and brands and shop if you want the look :)

Let's begin...


Overall this location, the vibe, the amenities and the views are breathtaking!

The front of the house overlooks stunning views of the mountain, and the gentle curves of the road make for a lovely evening walk with a more attractive streetscape.

The home is located in Windfall at Blue Mountain, an inspired 148-acre master-planned community of detached mountain homes. Just over an hour north of the GTA, the Blue Mountain Collingwood area offers magnificent natural surroundings and a ton of recreational activities such as skiing, swimming, hiking, biking, boating and golfing. This beautiful mountain home is perfectly set in the 4 seasons nature oasis.

One-third of the land in this community is dedicated to forested parks, trails and wetland preservation areas. Only a 15-minute stroll away, The Windfall homes make you an inevitable neighbour to the Scandinavian Spa, which is minutes from my backyard and just a short walk to the Village in Blue Mountain.

This little oasis community is located at the base of The Blue Mountain. The home has a modern and eco-considerate interpretation of mountain chalet and is a two-storey, finished basement with so many features perfect for a weekend chalet getaway.

The backyard is perfect for fire pit sessions and the basement has a hot sauna and stone shower downstairs for relaxing. Up the street is a striking barn-inspired structure, called ‘The Shed’ that comes with fob access and is an exclusive four-season gathering place.


I had to determine how I would decorate each room and tie the boho dreams theme across each room in the house without overdoing it. I created mood boards to guide the direction.

There are a couple of ways to incorporate the boho style and I wanted to try a more subtle approach. This modern mountain home has a tad of a chalet vibe to it, so I wanted to keep some of those elements. hope this brings you inspiration.


As you approach the front of the house you are greeted with a warm welcome and a beautiful pompous reef by Miss Fleurs on the door.

The front of your house is the most important…it is the first impression. I am a sucker for a good matt/rug combo and love to spruce up the stairs with each season and celebration. I have always felt like a little something special on the door adds a welcoming warmth. I feel like it shows that the person living in the home cares about the home.

I am a huge fan of candles and essential oil sprays so I added a couple of cozy items such as a salt lamp, candle by Studio Bons Vivants and stress release spray from Saje at the front door to add a zen-like entranceway. You can never go wrong with lighting a candle to freshen up the experience and a salt lamplight at night does wonders for mood lighting in the evening. I even added a Palo Santa stick and holder from Bersera to provide a nice cleanse from a long day of being out.

The entrance also had to be functional with having small kids; their shoes, jacket, and bags needed to be accessible every morning. We added two small benches that I got from winners and a shelf with coat hangers for our little boys to sit on and get ready in the morning for school.

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As soon as you walk into the front hallway past the closet, there is a cute little guest powder room and washroom, which is super helpful on the main floor. We decided to keep this super simple and clean. The floor mat has a burst of colours that matches the hand towel with a simple, clean vibe.


The living room was one of my favourite areas to decorate, and I was so excited to make it this cozy and beautiful. I wanted to make the living room space feel open, warm, and luxurious in a boho way. I love a good fireplace being the center of attention.

The thing I love about this space is it’s an open-concept space that shares the kitchen and dining room, and the main focal point is the fireplace, so I decided to decorate the mantle and add things like candles, pompous grass, clay plates and a painting and faux tree near the window.

The windows have white wood blinds, and the double sliding door that walks onto a mini deck and into the backyard is dressed with transparent light curtains that allow for tons of sunlight during the day.

I added our favourite relationship card-building deck to encourage connection from The Skin Deep. Adding plants can create a calm natural vibe to your living. It brings natural textures and colours while keeping the room simple, even with a vase-like the one we have used from Little Local Wreath. I then added this beautiful cream-coloured large clay vase and placed long-stemmed Pompous inside. The piece that anchors it all together is the Moroccan Leather Ottoman by Boho Vibez. It’s a perfect footstool and place to store extra blankets.

I am a sucker for a beautiful carpet or rug, so we went with this boho style rug from Rugs by Roo which extended from the fireplace. A carpet is an element that ties the room together. You can choose to go with a pattern design or something a little more simple. I personally like a rug that has more shag and is plush. It makes the room cozy feel with fluff and warmth. As you can tell, I love fluffy my earl grey pompous from Miss Fleurs.

Having amazing-smelling candles is a must. Scent is closely associated with the parts of the brain that process emotion and memory. Walking into a room with a familiar scent can instantly bring a sense of home and comfort. In the living room, we added some of my favourite designed candles from Studio Bon Vivants.

I suggest adding scents that bring your warmth and staying away from candles that have strong perfume scents; they irritate my noise. Who doesn't love a house that smells like sugar cookies? Soy candles are great.

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An open-style kitchen is a must-have for me. I love the big stone island. It creates an inviting welcome for entertaining, hosting and hanging out. I love putting charcuterie boards and spreads on the island as a focal point and dressing up countertops throughout the seasons.

I love entertaining and drinking wine and snacking so I love big charcuterie boards and especially love these handmade custom boards by Backwood designs. I am so impressed with the quality look, and durability of this wood, and the art on it gives my kitchen a unique edge.

I love the Woven Handmade fruit bowl, which genuinely adds more of that boho vibe into a kitchen that is a bit more modern. I like this much better than a plastic or glass bowl. I also love this charcoal soap, tray and dish scrubber that I got from the Miller Box.

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The dining room table needs a simple design to make it look elegant. We went for a simple neutral design with a mustard yellow pop of colour.

We went with white plates with yellow mustard napkins to give it that pop of colour but still in warm tones. The napkins are folded elegantly, giving them a formal look.

We went with boho-style washable placemats to get off any stains/spills with two busy toddlers. I added a beautiful clay centrepiece at the centre of the table with a brown vase with eucalyptus and magnificent coasters. It has a warm and inviting feel and looks elevated yet straightforward.

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I love how this space turned out! I wanted our bedroom to be airy, light, welcoming and peaceful at night. My favourite thing in this room is the tassel chandelier from Okanagan Boho which brings the dimmest soft lighting at night and is super relaxing.

Next is the macrame hammock by Sprout and About, the perfect spot to read a book by the window. A good night's sleep is essential, and that was the goal of my room. Putting the bed on the floor, helped keep me feel more grounded. I opened up the space by avoiding a dresser. The walk-in closet went to my husband since mine is in the master room, the office. The room has a macrame swing from Sprouts & About in the corner for reading or working in that creates a relaxing space.

I chose the Boho Vibez macrame pillow to tie in the chandelier and added a faux fiddle leaf tree in the corner of the room. The Abstract Face decals by LUMA decals add a touch of modernity to the boho vibe.

The bed is on the floor and is draped beautifully with the most luxurious soft bedding I have ever had and a macrame pillow from Boho Vibez. These organic cotton sheets and duvet cover from if only home feel like 5-star hotel bedding and it is ridiculously noticeable how much better I sleep. I like to leave my cozy PJs and sleep mask by Keselig Sleep at the bottom of my bed so they are ready to grab for the evening.

To add some contrast, I add an authentic handmade striped throw wool blanket from Mararamiro on the bed I which I absolutely love. I added a music and sleep machine at the bedside, which plays white noise or waves at night and birds in the morning.

Nothing is more important to me in a bedroom than mood lighting, so I made sure that I used a soft yellow Edison light bulb and added a salt lamp.

Almost every single room has a Saje product. I love my diffuser and essential oils to set the vibe and add a sensory ambiance to the room. This beautiful beeswax pillar candle and hand-made ring holder bowl from Woven handmade. How cute are these handmade earnings from Une Histoire De Noeud? The beautiful black tray by Concrete Chic is perfect for displaying these items :)

Lastly, on my night table, I have a bottle of Birch Babe’s Glowing Body Oil for the nights I am lucky enough to get a foot rub from my husband. Those nights are my happy place!

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My husband and I really wanted the boys to spend more time together and encourage them to go to sleep at the same time. We wanted the space to be simple and put together.

I positioned the beds directly side by side and added this cute bedding from Lola & Billie which looks very nice side by side. The simple duvet covers gave the room a pop of colour in a fun, playful way.

I added cactus wall decals in nude and green by LUMA, which adds character to the space. It goes well with the rocking horse from Barnes and Noble.

I have always wanted a nice rug in the kid's room, so I went with this ABC rug from Rugs By Roo which sits perfectly on the center edge of the boy's beds. This carpet adds a layer of coziness and makes it more comfortable when my husband has to sleep on the floor to put the kids to bed.

To tie in some boho vibes, I hung this beautiful handmade rainbow wood macrame piece from Une Histoire De Noeud on the wall. I think there is something so simple yet entertaining about this handcrafted rainbow wood toy to spark imagination and focus play by MD Handgield Designs. I love to see the kids play with it and calm down.

Lastly, we added a shelf with books for their nighttime story. This shelf helps keep easy access to that books will keep the room elegant and decorate it with these colourful clay vases from Sprout & About.

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Every parent knows the kid's bathroom is a nightmare with toothpaste spillage and bath toys everywhere, and I wanted to keep it very simple and easy to keep clean.

We used the storage under the sink exclusively for toothbrushes and all the toys to keep the counters free from items messing up the place. After a long day, it’s nice to access essential oils and see a clean slate, so we added some Bursera oils and oil storage unit here as a reminder to tap into the power of aromatherapy.

We added a kids bathroom vibe with this DKNY bathroom matt which I think is super cute for a kids bathroom because of the letters. We decided to go with an off-white textured shower curtain and this pretty clay vase with eucalyptus from Little Local Wreaths to tie in the boho vibe into the kid's restroom.

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The laundry room is functional and straightforward. To give the room a pop of character, we added an 8”x10” painting by DiviArts Studio. The hamper by Rugs by Roo is a staple for the kid's clothes to maintain a Boho vibe in the laundry room.

I love my boobs mat by Sprout & About in front of the washing machine; it is unique and fun. I also have my Palo Santo sticks, holder, and essential oil blends, all by Bursera to give the fresh smell vibes I’m looking for. Did you see the cute PJs by Koselig Sleep that we are rockin’, silky smooth :)

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As a serial entrepreneur and someone who works from home, it’s incredibly important that I am in love with my space and that I feel inspired. I have created an area that is functional, inviting and fun for the team to work in.

I have a small but mighty team here at my company Total Mom Inc. and we love to use the Co-workers edition connection cards. It really brings the team closer together and has a series of thought-provoking questions that we love to explore as a team. Since I am a very spiritual person and 6th generation psychic, I love the Threads of Fate decks which bring me clarity, inspiration and a moment to myself. Nothing beats lighting a candle in placing it in a Tealight Holder by Concrete Chic.This soft and beautiful polka dot rug from Rugs By Roo almost continues the pattern onto the floor.

Another cool feature in the office is the LG Styler, which is essentially a dry cleaner and sits outside the master closet door. I also spray-painted an old mirror and added a mannequin body in that area.

I faced the table towards the sunlight. The office has an uplifting feel that makes work exciting and fun. I set up my desk to face the window for good lighting for those meeting calls and the large window brings an abundance of natural light.

The wall decalls are from LUMA which took less than 5 minutes to apply. To inspire a mindful practice with my company and self, I added my productivity planner & 5-minute journal.

I found this antique bar cart, spray painted it black and mixed and matched decanters.

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My bathroom is the second most important room, next to the kitchen.

My bathroom is where I like to unwind, pamper myself, do my makeup and skincare routines, wellness routines and just feel like I am taking care of myself.