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Laundry is key for a big family. Clothes should be clean, fresh, and fluffy when finished a cycle. There is nothing worse than when clothes come out of the wash and they still smell funny, have dirty spots, and are all wrinkled.

Yes…there are things that affect the above like the detergent you use and not over packing the machine but the main factor is the quality of your machine. Our family is sensitive to detergent with scents and perfumes, so we use a scentless hypoallergenic detergent. This pretty much means you can’t mask any smells behind a scent... so the clothes actually have to be clean after a wash to smell good.

While the performance of machine and how well it washes your clothes is probably the most important thing, there are some other things that you need to consider. These include:


Capacity and size

Energy efficiency


Noise and Vibration


As mentioned, this is how well your clothes are being washed. One of the most underutilized features on washing machines are the preset cycles for different fabrics and materials. Using the presets correctly can make the difference between bright whites/colours and dirty smelling, stained clothes.

Not only are the factory presets important but the new advanced machines have downloadable cycles. Our LG TWINWash has a Tag On feature that lets users download new wash programs to a smartphone, such as Wool, Baby Care or Cold Wash. And when it comes to performance our TWINWash works so well because of the wash programs and 6 Motion DirectDrive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.

Capacity and Size

The first thing to consider is the size of your space. Most washing machines are between 27” - 30” wide. Do you have room for side-by-side or do you need stackable? This will affect the size of your drum and the amount of laundry you can put into each load. This is important for time efficiency standpoint as you want the biggest drum possible to fit as much laundry is as possible.

Typically, condos need stackable but we were lucky enough to have just enough room for side-by-side. We have a 5.2 cu. ft load capacity on our LG TWINWash but what I love most is the LG SideKick pedestal washer that allows us to do a second smaller load at the same time. It’s perfect for our baby clothes and delicates!

Energy Efficiency

Front load units are typically the most energy and water efficient. Saving money on water and electricity will add up over the life cycle of your units. Be sure to compare the Energy Star guide figures, it will add up in the long run.


You will have your machines for years and will be looking at them almost every day. You want to love the way your machines look. There are many different models and styles to choose from. Things you will want to consider when selecting the right room for you are will it be a focal point, do you need top load or front load, stackable vs side-by-side.

You also need to pay attention to your water and venting hook ups. In some condos they don’t have venting, so you need a ventless. Does the door only open in one direction or is it reversible?

In our case this was an important consideration as our washer prior to our new LG was ventless and stackable. We had to ensure that it would fit in the closet (it was literally the same width as the door...phew), there was enough room for drawers and doors to open, and the water hookups in the right place.

Noise and Vibration

Front load washing machines spin at high speed to wring all of the water out of the clothes. The high speed and the tub movement can cause annoying vibrations that can echo through walls and frames. You also want to consider the noise of the machine. Newer machines are quieter than the appliances 10 years ago, but they can still be pretty annoying.

Our machines are located in the closet off of our master bedroom. Noise is an important factor as Hudson sleeps in our room and the last thing we want is him being woken up from his nap.

The LG TWINWash is perfect for us because it has an inverter direct drive that produces less vibration and noise. To be more precise, it’s not just one but two high-efficiency Inverter DirectDrive motors that enhance washing performance and durability but without the noise and vibration. Plus, the motors dissipate less energy, reducing electricity consumption.


These are some of the 5 keys things we looked into when choosing the best possible washing machine for our family and we hope you find them useful in your quest for the perfect machine. Our blankets are fluffier, whites brighter, and unmentionables fresher!

With love,




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