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My very first baby shower was probably one of the most exciting parties to look forward to. If you know me, I love planning a good party but, since I was asked to stay out of this surprise, I was not allowed to partake in the planning. BOOOOO! However, I did get to choose my attire and I had a little fun with it.

Since my shower was hosted in the summer, I thought It would be super cute to have a flower crown. To me, a flower crown represents beauty, vulnerability, peace and innocence. That is what I was feeling during my pregnancy.  It was exactly what I imagined and hoped it would be. It sat pretty as ever on my head of curls on my special day of celebration.

As soon as I knew I wanted a crown, I reached out to my friend Kristen who used to model with me back in the day. She was super kind to send me a baby shower gift flower crown for my big day. I have been seeing her work on the runway, in photo shoots and all over the place and was in love with her designs. Take a look at my  coral and soft peach themed crown below.

Picture descriptions from left to right:

  1. Loving this custom made BLACK GYPSY flower crown Kristen designed for my baby shower for my son Oliver-bradley. She used white, soft peach, and pink flowers to compliment my skin tone and Lime green dress. Flower crown by  WWW.BLACKGYPSY.CA  & make up by SAM LEE.

  2. Take a wooden hanger and write down the name of your shower or baby's name (if you have selected one already) . You can also add any special memory like date of shower or due date. Baby shower flower crown by WWW.BLACKGYPSY.CA

  3. My custom flower crown from Black Gypsy WWW.BLACKGYPSY.CA

  4. My best friend Meghan and I. She was kind enough to host my baby shower with my mother in law, sister in laws and my super babe of a friend Laura Clark.  Flower crown WWW.BLACKGYPSY.CA

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