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I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love Boiron homeopathic medicine for babies! We first discovered the COCYNTAL water units for gas and colic and let me tell you ... Amazing! Cocyntal is neutral-tasting and comes packaged in sterile, drinkable and unbreakable unit-doses, making it an easy-to-administer, fast-acting way to soothe colic symptoms. No mixing, no measuring, no fuss!Brandon's customer at work was telling him about how it saved his life for their newborn so we just had to pick it up for ourselves.  

Brandon and I keep them in the baby bag, near the change table and in my purse for on the go! As soon as he gets fussy and gassy,  we just twist the top off and squeeze the little packet into his mouth! It settles him down so much and almost always gets him to stop crying! Cocyntal relieves baby colic: abdominal pain, cramps, spasms and intestinal gas. Cocyntal’s sterile water–based formulation contains no sugar, no colouring and no preservatives. It is an effective solution for soothing colicky infants – and their parents! Administer one drinkable unit-dose. If symptoms persist, repeat at 15-minute intervals for up to 2 additional unit-doses. Repeat dosing regimen as required with subsequent episodes of colic symptoms for up to a total of 12 unit-doses per day.

I am not a huge fan of over the counter medicine , so this is a great alternative for my baby. I love combining one COCYNTAL capsule with some bicycle kick exercises in. Oliver is particularly gassy in the morning because I don't get a lot of burps out in the middle of the night. This works well for us when we wake up to a screaming baby. We also used it during the first month to calm him down when we were not sure what he was crying about . It's a life saver. 

Cold season is upon us and so Boiron sent us over some of their cold and flu products to try in case Oliver gets a cold! If it's as good as the COCYNTAL then I cannot wait to use it. 

Anyways, I highly recommend this to parents looking for a homeopathic medicine for their little one.  

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