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Supporting a family of four in a big expensive city, budgeting is now more important than ever. 

After looking at my bank statements I realized I was spending over $275 a month on take out lunches and breakfasts! It was clear that this was a great place to start saving. 

I became obsessed with finding low cost lunch solutions. I started with low cost food like slices of pizza and pastas. I was able to get the average cost down to $5.50. But after a few days a began to feel sick and bloated. Next...

I than tried pooling money together with a few colleagues to buy ingredients for fancy salads. This required some prep time and a consensus on ingredients which can sometimes be annoying. The average cost per meal was $7.00. Not bad but still not good enough... 

Than I can up with the brilliant solution for lunch that works out to $1.45 per day! Wait for it...peanut butter and banana bagels!

If you’re allergic to peanut butter, I’m sorry for the disappointment. Although you can substitute peanut butter with your spread of choice like humus or cream cheese. 

Here’s how it breaks down:

1 Large Tub of Peanut Butter = $7 (good for 20 days of use - $.35 per day)

6 Bagels = $4.00 (lasts 5 days - $.8 per day)

5 Bananas = $1.50 (lasts 5 days - $.3 per day)

Grand total - $1.45 per day! 

Your nutritionist may not be in love with the plan but your bank account sure will. Plus if you have left overs from the night before it’s a great way to incorporate them and keep things fresh. 

I hope this helps you save some money. Please share your budget lunch ideas below as we are always looking for new ideas! 




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