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Planning a cocktail hour was fun because there was so much space to add our own creativity and style and set the tone of the rest of the night. When thinking about what our guests would be doing during cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception, we had to come up with things to keep guests busy and excited. Aside from our epic Kygo playlist, our open bar cocktails with SQUISH gummies , All white bouncy castle, and gorgeous charcuterie board, the photo bus we rented looked picture perfect on the property. It was just sitting there in the sunset asking people to get in and have fun.

To say it was a hit was an understatement and we are so glad we decided to get a photo-bus from Snaptique. I actually don't know what people would have done with their time otherwise. Nobody wants their guests standing around waiting for the BRIDE & GROOM forever ( Well unless you are sucking back the free drinks) .

Here are the top 7 reasons you will want to have a photobooth at your wedding.

1. It allows your guests to fully express themselves with props and is an activity that kids and adults can partake in. It's fun, it's wacky and everyone loves a good photobooth snapshot with a silly face!

2. Wedding guest books are on the decline. Not many people sign the wedding guest book so the photobooth is a way to capture your guests. When hiring your photobooth vendor, make sure they are able to provide you with a digital set of all the pictures taken so you and your newly wed partner can look back through all the different photos.

3. It can be a fun focal point to add excitement to your venue. If its a stunning bus like our was, it will be a talking point. We had many of our guests say " your photo bus was my favourite part" and "That photo booth was crazy, I think I lost you wedding card in there, I was in there that long".

4. It keeps your guests busy and entertained before dinner starts while you are running around taking your wedding photos. Weddings are so fast paced and as a bride and groom, you are pulled in so many directions. For example, we were most excited for our cocktail hour charcuterie board and we never even got to snag a grape or appetizer from it because we were doing photos! A month later we scrolled through the photo bus images of our friends being wacky in their photos and were relieved they looked like they were having fun instead of just waiting on us the whole time.

5. It's something you can take home in your hands. Digital photos on your smartphone can get lost in the enless photos on Instagram or Facebook. There's nothing cooler than searching through a photo book or opening your desk drawer and finding photos that symbolize a special memory.

6. It's a social ice breaker, it brings together guests that don't necessarily know each other.

7. Skip the favours and let them go home with a memory. Everyone knows favours are often left on the tables by the end of the night. Why waste on favours when you can get everyone together for some laughs and take home the memory.

There are tons of photobus companies out there but the one we recommend would be Snaptique. They showed up super early, held our baby while we took a photo in front of the bus, and was really kind to our guests.

We hope you enjoyed our top 7 reasons to get a photo booth at your wedding. We would love to hear about your top wedding PhotoBooth stories and why a photobooth is important to you.

And don't forget to check out Snaptique!

These beautiful wedding photographs were taken by the one and only :


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