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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

1. Invite a Princess

Nothing creates more of a magical moment for kids than getting to interact with their favourite childhood characters. For our niece's birthday we were lucky enough to have a Disney style princess to mesmerize the kids thanks to MiniKinz. MiniKinz is a children's entertainment company that offers unforgettable experiences for kids parties. We had Belle from Beauty and the Beast read a story, sing, dance and play games with the kids. She was incredibly talented and had the kids thinking she was the real Belle!

It was so cute to see the looks of astonishment and smiles on the kids faces! A princess or super hero is one simple call away and will save you hours of figuring out how to entertain the kids.

2. Rent an indoor playground

You won't have to set anything up, clean or worry about damages to your home. An indoor playground will ensure fun, even for the adults. Brandon was ripping around the tunnels and jumping in the foam pits more than Oliver was.

The smaller indoor playground you can rent out privately for small groups so you don't have to worry about chaos. Easy and simple, rent a playground!

3. Order pizza and cake

For all the snoody people that are in to healthy food...come on it's a birthday party. Pizza was made for birthday parties :) And cake...well you know.

Everyone loves pizza so keep it simple. It may not be the most creative but it is fast and is cost effective.

A simple cake from your local grocer will suffice and you can add extra candles to really make it look cool. Twenty candles ought-to-do it...make any cake looks exciting!


We really aren't reinventing the wheel with the above suggestions regarding an indoor play ground and pizza. But we are really suggesting you add a princess or superhero to the mix. You can put together a birthday party in less than an hour with the 3 above suggestions. The invites will take you longer than the planning :P

A special thank you to Alyssa from MiniKinz who was amazing with the kids and helped take our niece's birthday party experience to a whole other level!

You can find MiniKinz on Instagram to check out what princesses and super heroes they offer.




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