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So you started planning your decor and you have chosen your venue, but what about the interactive details such as programs, seating charts and photo's of you two for your guests to interact with?

Wedding programs and seating charts are another fun way to express yourself as a newlywed couple and are a great way to to take your theme to the next level. They are as important as decor as they set expectations for guests the day of and direct them as to where they will be sitting and what will be happening all day.

I know it can feel like another thing to add to your list of wedding to dos, so we have put together a short list to help you get the ball rolling.

The Wedding Program

Give shoutouts to your out of town guests: They came all this way to share the special day with you, make them feel special.

Include fun facts about your relationship: All relationships have their quirks and special moments, share them with your guests. It will have them feeling that much closer to you as a couple.

Have it reflect your style: You are both unique and so is your story. Have your program reflect who you are, not what you think people will like.

Be fun but classy: Charm them with your humour but be sure to charm them non the less.

Hire a professional to take your vision to the next level: Hiring a professional doesn't have to be expensive. With access to professional communities like Etsy, you can find someone brilliantly talented at an affordable rate. That is where we found our designer that made our program dreams come true, VisuallyVee. She took out all the stress regarding to what to put in the program by sending us a checklist of all the things to include. VisuallyVee specializes in custom wedding program Infographics and much more; you need to check her out!

The Seating Chart

A memorable seating chart is another way to hopefully distract the guests that you had to sit by aunt Janice who smells like moth balls and onions. Here are some ideas to make your seating chart fun and unique.

Get creative with your table names: Naming your tables Table 1, Table 2... and so on, is clear but really boring. Select a category for your wedding seating chart that is unique and special to you as a couple. We love crystals, rocks, and we named our tables after the ones we loved.

The display: An old picture frame, antique window, wood board with clothes pegs, chalk board...there are many ways to make your wedding seating chart look amazing.

The design: We wanted to ensure our programs matched our seating chart to bring design consistency to our wedding. People pay attention to the details and we wanted to provide a consistent experience from program to seating chart. We had a wonderful experience with VisuallyVee who helped bring the design elements from our program to life in our seating chart.

The name cards: To make our guests feel special we wrote their names of hand picked leaves with gold pen

We hope you found these tips on making your wedding chart fun and unique. We would like to give a special thank you to Vanessa from VisuallyVee who took a lot of the stress out of the process and made our program and seating chart look more beautiful than we ever imagined!

Check out VilluallyVee

Please share your ideas as our reader are always looking for inspiration!

Photography : By the one and only


With love

Anna xoxo

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Frye Jacob
Frye Jacob
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