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Updated: Apr 8, 2018

4 essential & affordable NYX products that keep you looking like SUPER MOM!

Let's face it! Pregnant mama bears sizzle when it comes to that summer sun shine & I'm not just talking about our glow and baby bump! Besides heating things up at the beach with our mama-to-be radiance , we get hot! I'm talking about that half a lung, sweating buckets and hyperventilating kind of hot! Sure, we make it look good but YL BEAUTY reaches into our purse to share some of our secret weapons that we bust out in the powder room!  Check these out:

1:  Concealer wand: PRICE $8- This little guy is perfect for brightening up under the eyes! So if your little one has kept you up all night don't you worry! No one has to know. These come in many colours perfect for different problematic areas. Go into NYX and ask an artist to help you pick the best one for you!

2: Blotting powder: PRICE $14- This guy is great to set that under eye concealer to avoid creases and movement. It's most perfect for when you get sweaty and need that dry touch up above your lip , forehead and under eyes! It's super light and translucent. 

3: Multi Purpose Pro Brush: PRICE $17- This brush is great if you need to get that powder on through out the day. It's super soft and adds just the perfect amount of product to your face without overdoing it. Great for bronzer and light dusts of blush.

4: Setting Spray: PRICE $10 - Lock in that radiant look you just created with this spray. It comes in MATTE & DEWY. Spray it on right after your done your foundation or through out the day to freshen up your face! 

Hope you like these tips! Head over to to see more products or to order online.


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