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Hey guys, 

I have been to my fair share of recording studios in the past 4 years. I have always had a large appetite for nice studios. I've never been the " there is a mic and it's cheap so let's get it done" type of girl. I guess I just love being in a beautiful large studio and feeling good about it. Time fly's and I think you should just enjoy the experience and treat yourself. My go to studio in Toronto and where I recorded my album and singles has got to be PHASE ONE . It's my little home away from home.

When I came to Nashville for the first time, my friends and I were hanging out at Martins BBQ, and these guys sparked a conversation with us about music and the next thing we knew, we were in John & Martina McBride's studio. I fell in absolute love with it.

Not only did they have every single instrument I could ever want or imagine on stand by,  to record, but the entire place was ecstatically stunning. The 3D wood walls, the lighting, the large rooms, this crazy recording room where the ceiling lowers to change the acoustics of the room. I was floored and highly suggest recording there.

It really does have an atmosphere that I love to be in. I am a huge fan of wood and dim lighting. Sort of similar to Stone Canyon out in the woods that was also a bed and breakfast. I am a true sucker for studios secluded in nature. My dream would be to have a studio that is open glass where you can see nature and the stars.

Blackbird Studio is the ultimate marriage between cutting-edge and vintage. What originally began as an idea of putting a vocal booth in the McBride's garage in 2003, Blackbird Studio has developed into one of the most outstanding recording complexes in the world today. The studio has one of the most impressive client lists we have ever seen! SEE THEIR CLIENTS

Blackbird has the largest selection of professional audio rental equipment...anywhere. CHECK OUT RENTALS

They also have a great selection of studio and live sound engineering programs for those looking to take their music career to the next level. THE BLACKBIRD ACADEMY


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