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Fun For the Whole Family in South Georgian Bay (including mom and dad!)

It was 8 months ago that we decided to move our family from the big city to the beautiful town of Collingwood. Being lovers of the outdoors and nature, we knew that the concrete jungles of Toronto were not where we wanted to raise our family. We prefer the sounds of birds to the screams of sirens.

Having visited Collingwood many on many occasions, we knew the South Georgian Bay area had so much to offer a family through all 4 seasons. Over the past couple of weeks we had the pleasure of working with South Georgina Bay Tourism and taking our boys on a series of adventures In Blue Mountain. We also found some time sprinkle in some rejuvenation for our mind, body, and soul amongst the in the busyness of running multiple companies while raising 2 little dudes.

Plunge! Aquatic Centre

Our first adventure we got to take our boys on was a visit to  Plunge! Aquatic Centre in Blue Mountain. The first thing I loved was the parking. I know how busy its gets in that area and thankfully there is parking 20 meters from the entrance of Plunge, and the parking was free :) The large family change rooms made it easy for us to get the boys in their swim clothes and out to the main attraction. I was very impressed with all of the cavities the pool had to offer. Oliver loved the big blue slide! Swimming to the outdoor area was a dream as the water so nice and warm.

The setting was picturesque as it got dark, steam rose off the surface of the water, the Blumination lights twinkled and we saw the skiers coming down the mountain. The boys defiantly didn't want to leave but of course we were prepared with a lollipop. The only reason we did was because the facility was closing. I cannot wait to check the pool out this summer and give the rope swing and diving board a try!

They also do birthday parties, which is awesome for kids! You can relax in the hot tubs or on the dock where you can watch your kids invent whole new water games. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools and an indoor water playground make Plunge popular in all seasons with swimmers of all ages.

Ridge Runner and Hike N Tube

The second adventure we took the boys too was Ridge Runner and Hike N Tube at Blue Mountain. Unfortunately, Hudson (2 years old) was too small for both of the rides but as you can see in the picture, he had a great time walking around and eating snow (3 to 12 years old and a minimum of 102 cm (40 in) tall). Oliver on the other hand had a blast! First, Anna took him on the Ridge Runner. As their cart made it up the mountain Oliver expressed, “ Oh Mommy, this is too high.” But as they ripped down the 1 km long mountain track, he wanted it to go faster than the max speed of 42 km/h!

He would have rode the ride over-and-over. This is truly a unique experience through the trees and various terrain down the mountain. I highly recommend it.

Next we took Oliver on the Hike N Tube. Together, him and I hiked up the small hill to where the tubes are launched down their tracks. I went down first and was actually surprised at how much speed I got by the time I reached the bottom.

Next Oliver came shooting down the hill with what could be the biggest smile I have seen from him to date. What I liked about he tubing is it offers old-fashioned winter fun for the entire family and gives participants a gentle introduction to the Blue Mountain slopes

The Ridge Runner and Hike N Tube were a perfect combination of fun and excitement while exploring  in the outdoors.  The fresh air was wonderful!

Living Shore Spa

The last experience we went on was just for Anna and I to enjoy at Living Shores Spa.  I love water and was excited to experience the Aquapath, Ontario’s Only Aquapath/Hydrotherapy system. Short crash course on hydrotherapy, hydrotherapy has been traditionally defined as a natural remedy that involves the use of water pressure and temperature for therapeutic purposes to stimulate circulation and assist the body in its natural healing process. Hydrotherapy is instrumental in stimulating the immune system, assisting in detoxification and promoting overall well-being.

This was honestly great!

After getting dressed into our swim suits, we started off in the lounge where we were greeted by our guide. She explained the experience and took us into what I can describe as a healing cave full of showers, waterfalls, and pools. I like that our guide was a part of the entire journey explaining the different experiences and letting us know when it was time to move to the next hydrotherapy experience. The eucalyptus steam bath was really nice on my lungs but my personal favourite was standing under the rain in the mineral bath. Anna had a good laugh when we attempted to stand under the glacial shower for more than 10 seconds. The Aquapath session ended with a essential oil salt scrub that left my skin smooth and with a lovely citrus smell for the entire day.  After our session we enjoyed a  relaxing moment in the lounge. Anna enjoyed a tea under a blanket on the day bed and I even fell asleep for a little while before having to wake up and get back to reality.

Our entire hydrotherapy treatment consisted of the use of mineralized pools, waterfall massage grotto’s, aroma steam caves, and sea salt exfoliators to deliver an unforgettable therapeutic wellness adventure.

This experience has been one of my most relaxing at a spa and I will most definitely be retiring for another trip on the Aquapath!


There are many incredible experiences to be had in the South Georgian Bay wether it be summer or winter. I would recommend all of the above that we tried for family fun and some romantic realization time. If you are looking for a getaway that truly has it all, look no further than Blue Mountain (four season destination). Great for March Break this upcoming week!

Special thanks to South Georgian Bay Tourism and all of our partners who made these awesome experiences possible!

I've included their socials below:


Instagram: @plungeaquatic

Facebook: @plungeaquatic

Blue Mountain Resort

Instagram: @bluemtnresort

Facebook: @BlueMtnResort

South Georgian Bay Tourism

Instagram: @sgeorgianbay

Facebook: @sgeorgianbay

Living Shore, a part of Living Water Resorts (located in Living Water Resort + Spa)

Instagram: @livingshorespa

Facebook: @livingshore

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er wer
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