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What Different Music Genres are Good for Parties?

What are Different Music Genres Good for Parties?

Parties are a hot topic again, and this summer, there's nothing as exciting as getting to meet up and dance with everyone you haven't gotten to see until recently. But, unfortunately, there are far too many choices for those throwing the parties to decide between, from food to venue to music.

How do you pick what type of music to play at your party? Also, is it enough to play from your Spotify account, or do you have the option to find a live performer? Here are the top genres to consider: and whether they work live.


Rock music has been getting people into motion since the moment it first hit stages. Fast beats, strong guitar riffs, and gorgeous voices make this a genre that can liven up any party. Rock is also highly flexible since you can play anything from pop-rock to heavy metal and have a completely different sound. Rock bands are incredible and would be a great addition to any party.


Smooth R&B, like the sweet voice of Roderick Chambers, is an entirely different type of genre from rock. Incredible vocals, lyrics that hit harder the longer you think about them, and music make you want to dance with somebody combined into the perfect party music. Live performers are a must when it comes to R&B and will astound your party-goers into talking about only your party for months on end.


Pop music by musicians like Britney Spears and Doja Cat is topping charts time and time again. The fun beats and cheerful voices swirled with lyrics that range from sexy to hilarious are combined into an excellent genre for any party. Of course, pop performers do fantastic at a party, but if you go this route, a DJ may also work so that you can have a broader range of fun pop music.


Electronic dance music has been on the top of the party music list for the last twenty years. With greats like Daft Punk, and even up until Skrillex, you can find EDM artists who know how to get a party into motion. If you can find a live performer for this genre, it can be fun to see them craft songs out of their switchboards. Your party will be nonstop dancing and laughing if this is the genre you go with.


Everyone can sing along to classics like “Africa” by Toto, and “It’s Raining Men”: so why not make a party playlist of these favorites? Although you’ll more than likely have to hire a DJ for this one, it’s a fun way to have most people connect through music. This genre of music can be even more powerful depending on what type of party you’re throwing. A retro party with music to match the decade can be fun and exciting for everyone.

Regardless of what music style you fall for, a live performer could work! From cover bands to DJs, you'll wow and excite your guests while getting to enjoy the party as well!




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