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We just celebrated a very special milestone in our lives, Oliver's second birthday...Paw Patrol style! You can check out his 1st Finding Nemo themed birthday here

I have to say, boy are we exhausted...

Between the full time parent routine for 2 under 2, planning a wedding, a full time corporate job, 2 businesses, and finding time for ourselves...planning a birthday seemed overwhelming.

We were very fortunate to have his Nana and Deda (Grandpa) host his second birthday party, and they did an incredible job!

There is so much going on in our lives right now that it can get very stressful at times. Even the task of having to pack up the kids after the party and drive all the way back to High Park.

To share some wisdom from our weekend, we have put together the top 5 ways to survive your toddlers birthday party.

1. Acknowledge what you've accomplished:

With decorating, preparing food, setting up the space, can always feel like more needs to be done. It's important to acknowledge and focus on the work and things you did get done. We all have plans and visions but sometimes life happens and it doesn't always go the way we initially planned. Accept the moment and celebrate your victories, I promise it will make you feel better!

2. Focus on the guests that made it, not the ones that didn't:

You can sometimes get caught up with the people that didn't make it, don't take it personally. They are all just as busy as you. Focusing on the guests that are not in attendance can distract you from being with the ones that are. The people that came chose you...choose them back.

3. Make sure you eat:

When caught up in the excitement and buzz of your party, remember to eat! It's easy to get busy hosting and than all of a sudden hit a wall because you are famished and have no energy. Work with your partner or a family member to be your, "did you eat?" or "what can I get you?" partner.

4. Capture the moments on camera:

When you get busy, time flies and you may miss your toddler eating his cake or opening presents. It's very easy to capture some video and photos on your camera phone...make sure you do it. It always brings a smile to your face when you watch it back a day later and you can actually take a moment to appreciate the fullness of the day.

5. Know who's doing what:

Unless you've talked about it with someone, don't assume it's getting done. Communication is key to removing potentially stressful situations. Get clear with who's bringing food, the cake, cooking, what time presents are opening, and all the other good stuff. It doesn't have to be down to the minute but a basic structure will give you some piece of mind.

And here are some more photo's of the special day..

What things do you recommend to survive your kids birthday? Or better yet, what are some disasters you went through?

With love,



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