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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Okay, so you guys know how many things you need to clean when you have kids! Clothes, bibs, toys, pillows, blankets, shoes...the list goes on.

In family life, dry cleaning usually takes a back seat on the list of priorities. I have been meaning to get Brandon's suit, blazer, and my winter coat dry cleaned but just can’t seem to find the time to do so. We also have feather down comforter we need dry cleaned that I just can’t get myself to take to the dry cleaners.

I could always call a dry-cleaning delivery service but haven’t taken the time to do that either. LG Canada has come out with a steam clothing care system that gives you fresh steamed clothes from the comfort of your home. The LG Styler is an incredible system that not only looks amazing but is an essential for every family household.

Refresh, sanitize, gentle dry, pant press, it really does it all. The reversible door makes it easy to fit into almost any space, the espresso black glass finish makes it a joy to look at, the full touch panel makes it fun to use, and it has LG SmartThinQ that enables you to download custom cycles directly from your smartphone.

Our personal favourite is the ability to steam sanitize our kids’ toys that ordinarily we can’t wash without the use of chemicals. You know how much we avoid unnecessary chemicals.

It kills 99.9% of bacteria and allergens from the toys and materials within 60-80 mins. I love putting my kids baby pillows and teddy bears in there. We have also linked it up to our Google Home through the LG SmartThinQ app so we have the ability to turn it on/off, check up on the status, and see how much time is remaining on a cycle.

The first thing I used the LG Styler for was to deodorize Brandon's funky smelling blazer jacket, and his dress pants to press them back to new-like condition. With the aroma kit I was also able to customize the fresh scent with essential oils. I just dabbed some oil on a cotton pad and placed it inside the little sheet holder.

The LG Styler is one of the most incredible household appliances that we have seen in a long time and is a game changer for a family. We cannot say enough about it. We feel lucky to own one and see the difference it makes in our lives on the day to day.

With gratitude,

Anna xoxo

I wanted to let all of you lovely readers know that this blog post is sponsored by LG Canada :)


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