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Getting a stroller can be overwhelming and confusing. There are far too many to choose from and really...which one is best for you? It can also be expensive with all of the different options and ad ons.

There are also a whole bunch of things to consider like:

  • Do you need multiple strollers for the activities? (travel, casual walks, long days out, etc.)

  • Do you get one with a car seat accessory or adapter?

  • Is it easy to travel with?

  • Do you need a stroller just for travelling?

  • If you have multiple kids, do you need a double stroller? If so, side-by-side or one-in-front of the other?

  • Do you want bigger wheels for rougher terrain?

Great feedback and advice is available within the parenting community but it can still be difficult to make a decision when looking inward at your own situation. Buying a stroller is also a pretty sizeable financial commitment at a time where it feels like your expenses just doubled. A high quality stroller can run you $700-800 and upwards of $2,000 if your are looking high-end double stroller.

There is an amazing company called StorkSupply that just made parenting a little easier and less financially burdensome. It's a Toronto-based baby gear rental and leasing service designed to make your parenting journey just a tiny bit easier by helping you find the right baby gear and delivering it to you exactly when you need it.

When our second son Hudson was born, we already had large double stroller that is great for long walks but too bulky for travel. We needed a light compact stroller easy for travel that wouldn't take up much space in our Kia Soul.

StorkSupply had the perfect one for us, the Yoyo+ with the newborn pack. We only needed this stroller for 6 months so it made much more sense to rent it for $120 a month than to buy one on credit for $955 + tax.

We love this stroller as it is so light and with one hand, can fold up to the size of back-pack. Check out these step-by-step photos. You can rent the stroller here

StorkSupply has much more than just strollers, they have pretty everything you need as a parent. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we share some of the other incredible must-haves we rented.




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