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Well it's official, Brandon has had it with always stepping in cat litter sand on the floor and having the post poop smell linger. I think every cat person could agree with me that there is no good place to put a cat litter box in an apartment. Every time they jump out of the litter box sands gets everywhere. And when the cats takes a Sh!#, the smell consumes the apartment. Our older cat Oddie has irritable bowel syndrome and it's been a nightmare as he takes a poop when people come over and it's always at the worst time!!!

(Oddis a.k.a Oddie is the one on the LEFT and Pancake a.k.a Pinky on the right)

I have tried the newspaper litter, sand, baking soda, gravel, you name it. With two cats, I always seem to smell ammonia from the pee or chemicals from the scent blockers and it as got worse after having a baby. I am sure it can’t be good for my two little sons and who knows what is in cat litter anyhow. I think I have finally found something legit, silica crystals!

I just started using silica crystals because they are easy to use, don’t seem to track as much as the sand (the big crystals are heavier than sand and don’t seem to stick on their paws), and really trap the smell from the pee & poo. I follow the recommendations on the bag and clean the poop out every day and give the crystals a stir. No I am not sponsored or endorsing any brand...this is working and I truly wanted to share with my furry friend lover

Some users have said that they find it a little less sanitary and there is a slight odour overtime. I am yet to experience the odour and I stay on top of cleaning the box once a day to prevent sanitary issues. You do occasionally get some crystals that get tracked out of the box but I have put a litter mat just outside the entrance to prevent that from becoming much of a problem.

I love using the silica crystal cat litter. For approx. $7.00 a bag, minimal mess, and no odour, you cannot go wrong with crystals for cat litter!

If you've used crystals before, please leave a comment and let me know what your experience was like. Also leave suggestions of great cat litters you have tried!

Anna & Brandon


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