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Finding a ring that I loved was no easy task. My ring story came together just weeks before our wedding 😬 Anna was fine as she had her band match her engagement ring ring with The Diamond Boi and that was a no brainer.

The tale of my ring starts a year before the wedding when Anna had purchased my first one. It was unique, a carbon fibre looking insert embedded in grey metal. The jeweller had told us we'd have no problem getting it resized, so we took them for their word. Four weeks prior to the big day we started contacting jewellers to have it resized. To our surprise, all of the jewellers told us they were unable to resize the ring because they didn't have the special technology to cut the steel...perfect! The ring was 2 sizes to big and the design was discontinued...problem.

The retailers let us pick a new ring at no cost, but the problem was I didn't really like any of the other styles . I settled for a tungsten ring but wasn't really happy with it.

Three weeks before the wedding Anna came across an incredibly unique jewellery shop called Made You Look Jewellers. She was devastated that I was settling and reached out to them to help us. They weren't the typical commercial looking rings that you find at most shopping mall jewellers. I found my ring heaven.

(photo credits below: Anna Sinclair )

I fell in love with Jon Pollack's rings, specifically the one I got made with titanium, 10kt rose gold, and maple wood. Jon's designs instantly resonated with me, they were unlike any of the basic rings on the market. It was clear to me that he had mastered the art of using industrial metals with other various materials including wood, silicon, and gemstones, to create pieces that speak to your heart.

I literally feel like Frodo from the Lord of the Rings, I can't stop starring at my ring and all I want to do is wear it!

We have put together a few basic tips when selecting a wedding ring that will help you avoid the stresses we endured:

  1. Make sure the ring can be resized

  2. Get your rings resized at least 6 weeks before your wedding

  3. Don't settle for something you don't love, you have to wear it every day until, "death due us part"

Shout out to the owner Sarah from Made You Look for for being accommodating and amazing to work with. The shop had a cool little toy chest that kept Oliver entertained and Sarah was kind enough to hold Hudson while we tried on rings. We wanted to highlight that they have many incredible pieces of jewellery beyond rings, I know I will be back to purchase one of the unique pieces I saw that integrates crystals into the design.

They are a jewelry shop that does it all with an awesome looking shop! It is a place you will want to visit in Toronto, located at 338 Queen St West.

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Jan 30, 2021

My cousin's story is similar to yours... and in his case, he married on Valentine's Day because he meets his girlfriend first time on that day. He bought the ring from his friend's jewelry store (using their online discount voucher, Frost NYC Coupons).

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