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My precious baby boy was born on our couch at home on Aug 17th 2016. Being a first time mom made me really excited to capture newborn photos of my little son Oliver-Bradley. I had seen some really great newborn photo shoots on Pinterest and Instagram that looked incredible and I badly wanted that. I came across Agata ( The owner of Thyme & Ivy Studios) on a

friends Facebook page and fell in love with photos she had taken of their child's 1st birthday. I reached out to her about newborn photos and had no idea what to expect.

The moment we got to the door Agata embraced us with her warm and loving smile. If there is anyone you would be

comfortable meeting your tiny little baby while they are this little and vulnerable it is Agata! Her energy is peaceful. She has this grace and gentle energy that calms you right down (even after being up all night breastfeeding & changing diapers all while  rushing to get to the shoot on time) . Don't be surprised if she is better with your baby then you are at first. Agata creates the space for you to see your newborn in a whole new light. Thyme & Ivy Studios. Enjoy

The two of them however, had some sort of understanding. It was captivating to watch her settle him down when he would peek an eye open to see whats going on . She smiles and places her hands on his chest and face and speaking softly to him. She just knew what to do and it came so effortlessly. 

She kept him asleep as she quickly placed him in all sorts of poses (which would sound like the end of days if we tried to do that at home). To this day I strongly believe that he has no idea he was even a part of a photo shoot!!  She's a natural and a delight to work with. I am not sure what is better. The experience and hanging out with Agata & baby or seeing the final images! I highly recommend her if you are looking to get your newborn photos done . I guarantee you that you are getting much more than photos. You will be  leaving with a moment in time that you will always Cherish. 

"The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs & infants."-Johnny Depp

SEE MORE of Agata's work on her FB PAGE and make sure to LIKE her page.


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