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We have always believed that the key to a happy and healthy child is good digestive health because 80% of the immune system is located in the gut. Digestive health affects every physiological system in the body. As adults, we have tons of great ways that we can get it, but what about kids? They certainly could use them too and have tons if healthy benefits so this is why bars are great!

Starting the morning right at our house means getting our probiotics to Ensure good energy and get that immunity boost since one of our kids is in daycare. Last week we shared a couple of ways to get your daily dosage and since then we have discovered another awesome way to consume probiotics is in bar form.

Welo has done a wonderful job at packaging up a healthy ingredients in combination with microbe cultures. The ingredients are high quality and their packaging is fun too. Every time Oliver sees the bars on the shelf, he wants one.

The main way we give our kids probiotics during the day is through a gummy. We really like bars because it is great for busy parents on the go and it is full of other filling ingredients so it acts as a good morning or afternoon snack. The bars contain less than 3g of sugar, are gluten free, and used non-GMO, plant based ingredients.

Whether for yourself or your kids, Welo has something for everyone. Check out their store to order yours.

Let us know what flavours you like!

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