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OrganicYumYums Baby Food

Do you know what’s actually in commercial baby foods that allow it to last so long on the shelf? Some of the unnerving substances include pesticides, carcinogens, lead, fluoride, sugar, and BPA (found in the jars and containers themselves).

The food preservation techniques used in commercial baby foods also destroy the nutritional value of the food itself. With many Youtubers, bloggers and documentaries surfacing these days, moms are beginning to second guess the store bought yukkies and either making their own food or going organic and local.

To overcome this problem you would need to make your own food. It is a great way to ensure the quality of food, freshness, and nutrition is being delivered to your baby. Let’s be honest, if your a working mama or super busy, this is not ideal. It is possible but some parents simply don’t get into it.

All though this does take some time and planning, both in which you may not have the space for depending on your schedule and the demands of life, it’s worth it. I personally don’t have the space at this time, but I decided to go with a delivery service for my baby food.

This is where Organic Yum Yums comes in to save the day. They are a local company that delivers fresh organic baby right to your door. Their nutritionist and chef created the menu based on how your baby naturally develops. Each meal and each stage gives your baby the right balance of nutrients to support his/her growing body and developing mind. Every meal has a purpose, to give your baby a new texture to explore and delicious flavour combo to enjoy.

Some of the things we love most about Organic Yum Yum’s food:

  1. Vegan

  2. 100% fresh organic ingredients

  3. Fresh and made-to-order

  4. Free of top allergen foods

  5. Free of preservatives

  6. Glass jar packaging

  7. No added salts or sugars

  8. Free of artificial colours or flavours

Our food delivery is scheduled to come every Sunday with 12 jars of fresh food. Organic Yum Yum’s has given us piece of mind knowing that Hudson has healthy baby food and we don’t have to worry about running low and having to run to the store to buy more food.

We will let you know Hudson’s favourite recipe on our post to come :)

you can learn more about them here

With love,




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