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4 Tips for Planning a Quick, Easy, and Fun Birthday Party

Our son Oliver’s 4th birthday party was approaching fast and we needed to come up with something that was quick, easy, and fun. After the party ended up being such a success, we decided to put together our 4 tips of a quick, easy and fun birthday party

Year after year we realize how much time goes into entertaining and foo preparation. So we decided to make food arrangements a little more simple and invest in the entertainment. A bouncy castle was a lot of fun and kept people entertained.

Tip # 1 - Entertainment

We found a bouncy castle company online super quick, Aeroinflatlables. What was great was they did everything; delivery, setup, and teardown. They also had a COVID policy in place so we could be confident that it was cleaned.

We went with The Knight Castle, Basketball Shooter, and snow cone machine; all for only $350. Honestly, the best decision for a party ever. As you can see in the pictures, the castle was just as much fun for the adults as it was for the kids! The basketball game was great for the adults and the snow cones kept everyone nice and cool on a hot day. The setup team was easy to work with and was open to all of Oliver’s suggestions for where to set up the castle LOL.

Tip #2 - The Theme

The Toy Story theme was a good choice because there are so many party favours and decorations you can get with the Toy Story characters; including a 6-foot Buzz Lightyear helium balloon (complements of Nanny)!

Tip #3 - The Gifts

Another thing we did that worked well was we had Oliver open his gifts right in front of the guests as each of them arrived. The guests loved it as they got to share a moment with him and he loved it because he got to play with a bunch of new toys. Also, it takes away the stress of the, “okay everyone get together, we’re opening gifts now,” moment.

Tip #4 - The Food

For food this year we did appetizers, pizza, and fries. Everyone loved it and it gave us extra time to enjoy the party.

What worked well for seating is we set up a circle gathering beside the food. We found with the food and seating close and in a circle, we got to connect and catch up with more guests.

All of the above tips made for an awesome party! It warmed our hearts to see how much fun Oliver had at his birthday party. The smaller group actually ended up being perfect as it gave us a more intimate setting for all of the friends and family to connect while not feeling overwhelmed.

Another successful birthday party! Let us know if you have any birthday party tips for our next party :)

PS if you are looking for a bouncy castle company, we highly recommend Aeroinfatables.



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