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Updated: May 24, 2018

1:  Prep your meals ahead of time & try to communicate about house hold chores. Get help or switch responsibilities to lighten the work load around the house. Avoid bickering over these later when your running on lack of sleep. Divide the tasks amongst each other and be fair to one another. Really appreciate and get that this will be a challenge for the both of you and that not everyone copes the same . Be loving and understanding. It will help you work together instead of argue.

2: Discuss your parenting styles and choose a way of being. Co-create ideas together as a couple and be present so you can verbalize things you are not cool with! Good communication saves you fights and unnecessary resentment later. There are tons of amazing videos on Youtube, local courses and fun seminars you can attend. Pick a day to go to a nearby Chapters/Indigo and look at some parenting books together. Sip on coffee and explore different approaches that resinate with you.

3: Choose a day of the week and make it your date night. If you can’t have sex, at least try something fun in the meantime. Shave your legs, pamper up , take 10 min away and do something cute for just the two of you! Make sure to acknowledge your partner and really call out the amazing things they are doing. You know they are trying hard and it means the world to them to hear how much it means to you.

4: Talk about money, bust out that Excel spread sheet and consult your numbers & spending habits. It sucks at first and can be uncomfortable, but it needs not be avoided. Have the annoying meeting now and be specific on who is paying for what, how much you need for bills and what the budget look like. Avoid fighting over who deserves what or each of you should or should not purchase. Make sure to set aside some pamper money for the both of you or you may end up fighting over silly pennies. 

5: Prepare yourself ahead of time with a plan on who is taking who to appointments, doctors, applying for the heath card, child benefit taxes, SIN number, birth certificate, childcare, breastfeeding, Physiotherapy etc! Consider personal time, shared time and have a plan. It takes a village to raise a child so ask for help and plan out ahead of time so you can decide the tasks. The last thing you want to do is to blow up on your partner and say you had to do it all. Be clear, communication is key. 


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