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Growing up I had the whole Thomas & Friends set of trains, all 8 of them and a helicopter. I was pretty pumped to see there was a new animation series of Thomas & Friends.

If I have to watch kids shows with the boys, it's not so bad when I get to watch the ones I enjoyed as a kid.

I was even more pumped when I heard about the Day Out with Thomas in Uxbridge being advertised on the radio. A real life size Thomas the Tank Engine and a 25 minute ride on coach cars being pulled by Thomas. We had to check it out...the train even talks!

It's Oliver's birthday weekend and I knew how much he enjoys the show and the books. I couldn't wait to see his reaction...and it didn't disappoint. The event had much more than just a train ride with his storybook friend Thomas, there was a petting zoo, bouncy castles, a miniature train ride, live entertainment, food trucks and even a chance to meet Sir Topham Hatt...we don't have a photo with him as it was nap time and no time for waiting in line.

The look on Oliver's face all morning long was worth every penny! In case you are wondering, the tickets are $25 (kids under 2 free). After some food and a few items from the gift shop, the day cost us $100.

Glad we did this for his birthday!

I've included a link to the site for more details and dates

If you have an great suggestions for things to do for a toddlers birthday, please share them. Oliver and Hudson will keep us busy with birthday's so all suggestions will help!

Peace out,



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