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I cannot even explain how excited I am to finally post these pics and tell you about the new LG washer and dryers. I don't know how LG knew but they totally made our laundry dreams come true when we got the call about a private invite to their launch.

Our machines now are pretty noisy which means we can only do laundry when the baby is awake as his crib is in our room and our laundry units are in the bedroom closet. My mom helps us with laundry during the week when she comes up to help with the boys and she goes through way too many loads. Between my clothes, my husband's clothes, our toddler and now our baby clothes...there is a lot.

You could imagine how excited we were when we got the call from LG and we found out about the new LG TWINWash and its matching dryer companion that's equally as dreamy. What was really cool was that you could do baby laundry in the bottom SideKick washer and adult laundry in the main washer. It's perfect as my mom has always told me to do them separately. It's like it was made for us. Laundry machines never mattered until I had two under two. Who knew how important this appliance would become.

And the part that left me speechless, they have a stand-up steamer that is literally like having your own personalized drycleaner in the convenience of your home. This life-changing machine is known as the LG Styler.

To introduce us to these incredible machines, LG invited us to a private event where we got the low-down on all the cool features. There were live demonstrations and we were able to ask questions and learn all about making laundry more enjoyable. It was the perfect opportunity to hear from the LG leadership about the vision behind the line and get up close and personal with technology that allows us to do loads in 49-minutes and can get an alert to our phone when finished.

We are expecting our new units any day stay tuned to see what they look like in our closet and how cool the LG Styler is. We will def be putting kids toys, my favourite pillow and blouses in there.

Let us know some of your funny laundry stories below...always looking for a good laugh.

With love, Anna xoxo


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