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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

We have been loving our LG TWINWash® laundry set so much that we wanted to write about it once more! In the past we had an overflow of laundry as it seemed like we couldn’t wash it fast enough to keep up with the dirty clothes from our family of four.

With the LG TWINWash® washing machine we wash our clothes in the main front load washer while we wash the baby clothes in the LG SideKick™ pedestal washer below at the same time. It's a game changer for us as we only have time to do laundry in between Hudson’s naps.

Syncing it with our Google Home and smartphones through the LG SmartThinQ® app has also made it easier to do laundry. We can turn the machine on and off remotely and can ask Google Home how much time is left before the cycle is done. The downloadable Baby Care custom cycle has been perfect for keeping the baby clothes clean and fresh!

Our LG TWINWash® and LG Styler have made for the ultimate laundry room and have changed the way we do laundry together as a family. Laundry is now something we enjoy doing, all together :)

We want to know what would make your laundry life easier?!

With love,




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