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Ahhhhh!!!!  I could not be any more excited about the cute little Playtex baby commercial I shot a few months back and now it is out ! It's a perfect little mothers day treat for me. I had a blast shooting this. My cute co-star, Naya, was adorable and a pleasure to work with ! Hope you guys like it:) 

I know a bunch of you moms are Playtex Baby fans.Lets be real, they are our favourite feeding spoons ( AM I RIGHT?).  I got cast as one of the moms. The reps from Playtex baby were so kind and nice. I had such a good day on set.  I even went home with the newest Diaper Genie for my little Oliver-Bradley . 

I am a new mom myself, so running around exhausted before work while getting things done  is all very familiar to me. Most of all, I know how quickly my 9 month old's smile can turn my frown upside down in 2.5 seconds .

The director really captured that here. All of those moments when you get frustrated and then it all goes away because of their little smiles and giggles is so true. PLAYTEX BABY understands, and is there whether it's feeding time, or diaper time. Thanks so much to PLAYTEX BABY for having me a part of this campaign and for having amazing spoons and diaper pales. YAS!


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