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Marilena Madio is a women with some serious skills when it comes to mural work. She makes rooms come alive with her incredible murals, which is why I wanted to share her work with you guys. I met her this year at THE BABY SHOW 2016 and she was super nice. She gave Brandon and I the letter  "O" for our baby Oliver-Bradley. The decal letter is removable/reusable and I just thought that was super sweet and kind of her to do. Let's get back to her murals though, because that is where the magic happens. We all know babies love crazy colours and kids get incredibly attached to cartoon characters. If your looking for something really special that your child will love. you need to take a look at her work. 

Over her decades of experience, Marilena has had lots of requests for online purchases. This has inspired the launch of a new portion of her business to turn her hand painted murals into removable and reusable Wall Wear Decals. The decals looks just like the original murals yet are easy to apply and enjoy. The Wall Wear Decals are made of a vinyl material, which is easy to apply, less likely to peel and can be wiped down if necessary. The Wall Wear Decals can be removed and reused quite a few times and do not damage your walls in any way. 

We are really looking forward to applying Oliver's "O" to the nursery wall. Take a look at some of her incredible work below!

Below is the "O" letter wall decal.

Hand Painted Murals

For more information on the Wall Wear Decals and her Custom Murals you can visit 


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